Joint Replacement

Joint Replacement surgery in India

If you have acute pain in your joints, which is limiting its movement, and if no medication or physical therapies have helped, your doctor might suggest joint replacement surgery to you. If you are looking to get joint replacement surgery in India, consult team of expert doctors at Chanddni Hospital, Kota.

Joint replacement or Arthroplasty is an orthopaedic surgical procedure done to replace an arthritic, damaged or dysfunctional joint with an artificial joint known as Orthopaedic prosthesis. This prosthesis is designed to replicate the functionality of a normal healthy joint.

The main cause of joint pain is due to any damage to the articular cartilage either due to arthritis, a fracture, an accident, a trauma etc.

The Procedure

Depending on the area, joint replacement surgery takes a few hours. During the surgery, the surgeon will remove the damaged cartilage and bone from the joint and replace it with an artificial joint or prosthesis. The prosthesis placed mimics the shape as well as the movement of a healthy and natural joint.

Chanddni Hospital, Kota is well known for its success cases of joint replacement surgery in India since 2005. Dr. SN Soni specializes in joint replacement and has received training for these surgeries from well renowned national and international institution.

Most commonly performed joint replacement surgeries are:

At Chanddini Hospital we also perform joint replacement surgeries for:

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Elbow Joint Pain Image - Chanddini Hospital


Wrist Joint Pain Image - Chanddini Hospital


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